We’re visiting…

A Museum show.

 I just managed to catch the Modigliani exhibition at the Tate before it closed, which I think braving the Tate on the weekend was what I managed to survive.  As an avid art go-er, I have to say that braving a museum is something that I will always slightly struggle with.  I am happy to take a gallery moment over a museum visit any day, but when one of your favorite artists is being exhibited you go.

 There are many different ways to enjoy and exhibition, and at a museum you get all of them.


The read everything viewer:


Now this particular visitor goes to the museum and maybe only wants to pay for their ticket to get in and that’s it.  Paying for an audio guide, no way!  They don’t need to; they can read every excerpt printed on the walls and underneath a painting.


The audio guider:


Now this one is hybrid between the read everything and audio guider.  They get the audio guide because they want all the information they could possibly want to.  Not only are they reading absolutely everything, but they are getting all extra bits of information they possibly can.  They are also eyes deep inside their audio guides.  Ever since the lovely people at apple have taken over a majority of this service, people have their eyes locked onto their audio guides.  It comes prepped with images, music, and yes of course text.

 I wonder if they remember that the actual version of that painting is right in front of them!


The I give up:


Not everyone goes to a show because they want to, sometimes you are there because someone asked you to join and being the kind person you are you decide to go.  Part way through, you have had enough and you simply give up.  Understandable, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel where maybe your kind friend or family member buys you a gift at the gift shop for having come with them.

So please, join us… We’re visiting a museum.




Written by Andrea Bastug



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