We’re Celebrating


A Birthday….

This week we celebrated one of us slipping further into their 30’s, that one of us was me.As there are such few days where I can genuinely say, “It’s all about me darling!” and not have someone roll their eyes or want to secretly slap me, I organized a night for my lovely friends and I.  No other way could I see spending this day then having an amazing cocktail! 

 I took my friends to the beautiful Bar Americain below Brasserie Zedel here in London.  It feels like your stepping back into the 1930’s on a cruise ship and maybe Jack and Rose will show up at any given moment and regale us with stories of the Titanic.  The room is beautifully decorated as it was in 1935 when it was the smoke room for the Regent Palace Hotel, and now you can sit and drink a delicious cocktail.

As I have gone through this life and learned some lessons, the biggest lesson I have learned is my signature drink.  I think every person should eventually decide what your signature drink would be, the one you immediately order without question because you know it will always be perfect.  For me that drink will be now and forever the vodka martini with a twist, and Bar Americain delivered the perfect birthday treat.

 So just a moment, we’re celebrating.






written by Andrea Bastug

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