We’re Reading


It’s Sunday morning, I get up, put on my kimono robe, get my French press out, and live my best Instagram worthy self and start to flip through the pages of Gentlewomen Magazine. 

Now, these guys only publish for the seasons, and the latest one to grace my coffee table is the Spring/Summer issue with the beautiful Allison Janney on the cover.  I like to take my time with this magazine, and I have to because the next one won’t come out for a while.

Gentlewomen touches everything a 30 something gal would want to read about (and I imagine any gal really).  In an age where having actually printed material is a novelty, and isn’t cheap to own, you start to get picky about what you actually want and these gentle women cover everything.

I get the best of all emotions.  I start out feeling super intellectual and reading articles about consent.  Then I start feeling my fashion self and learning about the best pair of shorts to be wearing. Then I will cap it all off by reading about inspirational women who have killed it in their industry.

So excuse me, we’re reading…



written by Andrea Bastug

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